Walk for our Dogs

Because they're awesome!

WHAT: A walk to celebrate our amazing dogs. 

WHEN:  By Saturday, September 12

WHO: Everyone is welcome

REGISTRATION: $35 for 18 & above

WHERE: Any location of your choosing

WHERE THE MONEY GOES: 100% of raised funds go to cancer research to help pet dogs.

How it works this year

Step 3: Have a blast! 

Celebrate with us!

Your Impact

Every dollar goes to live-saving canine treatment

CCRA supports research projects and funds collaborating teams of scientists and veterinary clinicians. ​Our projects focus on getting new life-saving treatments into clinical trials to help canine patients. ​

100% of your donations go directly to benefit research to find cures for dog cancers.


Help fundraise - and receive amazing swag!

Treats for me, treats for you, treats for everyone!

This year, we have created a list of fun incentives for you and your pup to inspire your fundraising efforts to help you reach your fundraising goal!


Participants at the Wag Love Life 5k smiling at the camera with their dogs

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