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Promising Treatments: 2022


How to help your dog if he or she's been
diagnosed with bone cancer 

"I was overwhelmed and devastated finding out that my dog had cancer. But I became hopeful after learning about new immunotherapy options."

- Mom of a 2 year old pup with osteosarcoma 

Osteosarcoma is the most common type of cancer that starts in the bones.  

Today's standard-of-care treatments rely on surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation therapy.  .

These conventional treatments by themselves can't cure osteosarcoma.

For example, without any therapy, dogs on average survive 2 months.  With amputation, the average survival time increases to 6.5 months.  When amputation is combined with chemotherapy, the average life expectancy is about 12 months.

Sadly, majority of dogs end up with metastasis to the lungs.

But new  immunotherapy can stop cancer from spreading for some dogs 

Immunotherapy treatments help the dog's own immune system
go after cancer cells. 


Ranger was diagnosed with osteosarcoma and received surgery and chemotherapy, but his cancer metastasized to his lungs.

With the help of new immunotherapy treatment in a clinical trial, his metastatic cancer disappeared.


Learn about immunotherapy treatments for dogs with osteosarcoma

Conventional cancer treatments  are unable to target cancer stem cells due to their highly resistant nature, leading to metastasis and tumor recurrence.

Your donation supports research to help more dogs survive cancer.

Get the latest updates on osteosarcoma treatments and studies.

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