They talk, She listens.

Join Karen Cleveland for animal communication and 
blessing gathering on Tuesday, September 15. Time is 5pm PT
Karen will be giving 10-minute animal communications and blessings to each pet for the first 11 people who signed up for the session.
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About Karen Cleveland

As a professional Animal Communicator and Spiritual Director of One Love Animal Connection Ministry Karen works to create a better world for all animals by helping people expand their understanding and knowledge of animals. Karen works by phone, internet, or in-person teaching classes, giving talks, answering questions, seeing clients, or whatever is required to enhance an animal’s life. Just a few simple communication techniques is often all that is needed to help improve behavior. 

Learn more about Karen here and connect with her on Facebook. Check out her blogs!

This FREE event is organized by the Canine Cancer Alliance.
and Wag Love Life 5K 
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Yummiest Treats

Is there a simple way to make healthy, yummy treats for our pups? 

Kari Kalway, the owner of Puddles Barkery (that makes the yummiest natural treats for pets) will show us how to make delicious handmade healthy treats for our pups.

Sunday Sept 13, 12pm PT (3pm ET)

Dog Massage

Have you ever wondered why some dogs are calmer than other dogs? Vicki Draper, an author and animal healing expert, will share five simple calming techniques and important acupressure locations so you and your dog can enjoy greater harmony and tranquility in daily life.

Wed. Sept 9, 6pm PT (9pm ET)

Super Foods!

Should I be feeding my dogs raw foods? How about veggies?

How healthy are kibbles?

Kimberly Gauthier, an author and a blogger,  will give a live cooking demonstration and answer all your questions about pet health and diet.

Friday Sept 11, 5pm PT (8pm ET)

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WAG LOVE LIFE is an event organized by

Canine Cancer Research Alliance, a 501(c)(3) foundation.