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Wag Love Life 2020

THANK YOU for celebrating your awesome dogs with us!


Wag Love Life is inspired by a centuries-old Nepalese festival in which village dogs are honored and thanked for their friendship and loyalty.

This year, you're invited to honor this tradition by taking your best friend on a walk, a run, or a hike and joining others online at a virtual get-together. 

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Live Get-Togethers

This year, we had amazing live gatherings where participants learned how to massage their dog, bake muffins, learning about superfoods, and more!

Calming Massage

Super Food

Yummiest Treats

Animal Communications and Blessing


Check out our T-shirt design for this year's Wag Love Life 5k!

Have you checked out our memorial wall?

This year the memorial wall has been modified a bit. It will be called the "Wall of Heroes". The Wall of Heroes is similar to the memorial wall and will honor dogs that have passed away from cancer and will also honor ones that are currently fighting cancer. 

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Where does the money go?

All the funds raised go to projects supporting canine cancer cures.  Most of the projects focus on advancing immunotherapy treatments for dogs.  Unlike existing therapies like chemotherapy, immunotherapy gives dogs a chance at a very long remission.   Find out more here.


What is Canine Cancer Alliance?

Canine Cancer Alliance (which is shortened from the official name Canine Cancer Research Alliance) is a nonprofit organization based outside Seattle.  It's a charitable foundation with a mission to develop therapeutics and cures for canine cancers.

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WAG LOVE LIFE is an event organized by

Canine Cancer Research Alliance, a 501(c)(3) foundation.