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In Memory of Mia

I love you babygirl 

May the wind always be at your back and I hope you dance amongst the stars.


I miss you terribly and will never forget you


Love, momma

Tyson's diagnosis in November 2018 of hemangiosarcoma was very dire and we expected him to live only a week. Thankfully we were referred to Dr. Kevin Choy and because of that Tyson lived until July 2019. The SVS staff gave him the greatest care during his many rounds of chemo and Tyson handled it like the champ he was.

We didn't take a day for granted and knew we were blessed every day he was with us. We had a very FULL 8 months and celebrated the holidays, snowdays, and the spring and summer sunshine. He got lots of walks, loving, and treats. He seemed to enjoy each day too.....but didn't give up harrasing his little brother or his stubborn ways.

We miss his loving ways but are so grateful for the extra time we had Tyson with us. Forever grateful to Dr. Choy and staff.

In Loving Memory of Tyson


My Bianca forever fur baby.  I had you 12 long years before you were taken from me.  She had undergone mammary cancer surgery and just a year later I lost her to Brain Cancer.  She was my heart from when she came in my life at 6 1/2 weeks old.  My life was blessed to have had her for the time I did.  I will miss and love my fur monkey till we meet again.   

Love your Humama

Dexyboo (2).jpg

In Memory of Dexter

With broken hearts, we had to say goodbye to our loyal and loving lab, Dexter after a late stage diagnosis with an aggressive cancer on his spleen. Dexter came into our lives when our family needed him most. His quirky, impatient, and affectionate personality brought us laughter and love for over 9 years. Dexter was also my father's constant companion and source of support during his own cancer diagnosis and treatment. He couldn't have been a more loyal dog and better friend. He was an integral member of our family and 9 years with him was not nearly enough. We love him dearly and will miss him forever. 

In    Memory   of


You brought our family so much joy.

We were so lucky to have you with us for so many wonderful years. 

    A Survivor   


Celebrating another cancer-free year.​

My beloved Luccia passed away on February 18, 2018 from cancer. She was bigger than life....always confident, strong, and gentle in her ways. She was the top dog and didn't bother with the small stuff....loved her humans, children, and squirrels. She was the consummate ranch dog most comfortable in nature and comfy in her bed scratched from dirt and leaves.  She is etched forever in our hearts and her memory always in our prayers. XOXO 

In    Memory   of

Lucia "Lulu" Veloz

In    Memory   of

Kozmo "Kozzy" Whitaker

We said a heartbroken goodbye to Kosmo yesterday evening, whose 9th birthday we had just celebrated. We were puzzled when he didn't want to eat his breakfast yesterday, and ultrasounds showed internal bleeding, which surgery confirmed was cancer nodules all over his liver. One had ruptured, and in the course of a morning he went from being his usual happy self to needing to be put down.

We are devastated by this as anyone who knows us knows that Koz was a family member. I'll never forget how he wedged himself between my and Rosie's legs while we slow danced in her kitchen on our second date. He walked down the aisle at our wedding. He cuddled Rosie through first trimester morning sickness and was a great big brother to Landon, licking his feet when we brought him home from the hospital. He watched over us and kept us smiling through all of the twists and turns in our journey. His kind, loving goofiness brightened everyone's day, whether it was us, our friends, our family, kids in our community, or total strangers. There isn't enough crispy salmon skin on the planet to reward him for being the joy that he was.

We will miss you Kozzy.


In    Memory   of


Today we bid a tearful goodbye to our dear Hanako, who suddenly became ill on Christmas.  Hanako, you truly are a flower child. When we took you on your last hike today, you were playful to the last.  During your two short  years on the earth, you brought us so much love and joy.  Thank you Hanako.

In    Memory   of


    A Fighter  


Two brave years.​

In    Honor   of

Dr. Kevin Choy

Who worked tirelessly to help our Gus.  Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

In    Memory   of


We lost my sweet Kemper a week ago today. She was the most special dog I’ve ever known and I will miss her deeply for the rest of my life. She was my first ever doggie - adopted when she was 1, and I was 21 – and was with me through all of the ups and downs of my 20s :-)… We had many new adventures together during that time, and I’ve got lots of happy memories. I will miss coming home to her giant waggy tail and happy bear-face in the window; pack-howling at night just for fun; morning snuggles; summer road-trips to the cape; long walks in fall/winter (especially in the snow, because she loved it); thunderstorm hideouts in the bathtub; her little (big) heartbeat at my feet while she was napping (with her big paws plodding and her eyelids blinking, chasing dream-rabbits – or another dog). I’ll miss sitting in the field at TJ Park watching soccer, and our midnight perimeter walks around the neighborhood with our cat, Spooky… but every time I think of those things I will be happy and grateful and remind myself how lucky we were to have her with us, especially for the extra time after her cancer diagnosis. Thanks especially to my family and friends for all the love you gave her. She was a lucky girl. She will always be my favorite and best-loved puppy in the world 

In    Memory  of

Our Beautiful Kinako

What blessing it was to have you in our lives.