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Poppy with Leaves

In Loving Memory of Nora


In Memory of Daisy

Dogs ask for so little and give so much, which is why I don’t understand how any could ever be abused or abandoned. They become teachers to humans and while they are with us, provide us with lessons of how to be better, how to love more and be less selfish, and with the short time they are with us, how much they can add to our joy and happiness. Daisy became my rescued fur-kid in 2009 when she was estimated to be 5 years old or so. I let her go on May 21, 2021 to proceed on the next journey, where I hope to meet her again when it’s my time to transition. She was a strong girl. My heart wanted to take her home from the vet to see if she would improve after the obvious signs of cancer (probably hemangiosarcoma that had metastasized), if only a miraculous cure would be found in the coming days. My head said otherwise, because I had seen this movie before with other dogs I have lost to cancer. My heart has a hole in it that connects to the holes left by my other angel dogs who have been taken away too soon by cancer. 12 years was not long enough my girl. I love you, miss you, and will never forget what you taught me so that I can be a better person.

Poppy with Leaves


When my uncle passed away suddenly in May 2020, my family made the 1100 mile trip to bring Hopper to his new home with us.  But only six months later, we learned he had soft tissue sarcoma.  Radiation treatment bought a wonderful 9 months and we got to spend Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year's, his birthday and Easter with Hopper. (This is him with his Easter basket) He's now met my uncle on the Rainbow Bridge and is snoring on the couch next to him in Heaven.

Poppy with Leaves

Our Brave Warrior - Lu Lu

Lu Lu was diagnosed with Lymphoma on July 9th, 2019.  She went into remission right away but came out of remission after about 6 months.  She is currently in remission on low-dose Chlorambucil and living her best life!  She enjoys camping, hiking, and chasing deer off the property!  We are so lucky to have her still and are thankful for every day we get with Lu Lu!

In Loving Memory of Izzy

Izzy, she was the best dog ever.

She leaves behind her humans Scott, Renee, and Beckham and her fur baby Beans.

We miss her like crazy.

Bianca was my soul companion.  I had her for 12. I will miss my Binky girl.  

Fifi was Bianca's fur sister who was a second skin to me and my was my little Fifster.  She was a spunky girl for her size and gave lots of love.  She passed 3 months after.

4 years and I still miss and cry for my girls.

Love, your Humama

In Loving Memory of Bianca and Fifi

In Loving Memory of Zoe and Wynston

Sadly, in the last year, we had to say 'goodbye' to two of our beloved Bernese Mountain Dogs, Zoe on Sept 28th, 2019, and Wynston just last month, on Aug 8th. Both of them were patients of Dr. Choy, who provided excellent care during their cancer treatments, for which we are incredibly grateful.


Though we wish we could have had them with us for many more years, and we miss them both like crazy, we take some comfort in knowing Zoe and Wynston are together again, since they had so many wonderful years together.


We found 4 photos of the two of them together that capture their essence and the many activities they enjoyed throughout the seasons: Winter (romping in the snow), Spring (celebrating their May birthdays - 2 days apart), Summer (fun on the beach) & Fall (playing in leaves).

In Loving Memory of


"My little soulmate"  Beamer was a bright light and brought so much joy to us for the 15 years we had with him.

From the day we brought him home to the day we had to say goodbye, he was pure happiness.

In Loving Memory of Skye and Moxie


In Loving Memory of Princesa

Princesa moved with me from Puerto Rico to Washington in 2010. She got a lot of adventures in the Island and Washington.

She crossed the rainbow bridge on December 9 in 2018 due to Mast cell tumors. She fights like a warrior for 3 years. 

Princesa was very strong, charming, bossy 😂 , and energetic.  

We miss you Princesa. 

In Memory of Scrappy

Life seems quiet without you, you were far more than a pet, you were a family member, a friend a loving soul. I'll never forget. 


No one can truly understand what it is like to lose a beloved pet until they have experienced the loss of one. 


I hold you tightly within my heart and there you will remain until the joyous day arrives that we will meet again.  

  I love you Scrappy Vaughn Walker

            5-1 2007 to 9-14-2019 


In Memory of Eva

In honor of my sweet Eva. 3/19/19 to 9/11/2020

In Loving Me