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Our immune system consists of powerful immune cells and molecules that attack foreign invaders as well as cancer cells.  Recent human clinical trials have shown  immunotherapy treatments could be much more effective than traditional therapies such as chemotherapy.  It is a radically different form of treatment.

Instead of trying to directly kill tumor cells, immunotherapy works by helping the dog's immune system target and go after cancer cells.

Some of the advantages compared to conventional therapies are:

* good safety profile with limited side effects for many patients

*potential for regression in metastatic cancer for some cancer types

*potential to sustain long-lasting remission

While there are over a thousand cancer immunotherapy clinical trials underway for people, there is only a few canine immunotherapy treatments in the pipeline today.  

One of the missions of Canine Cancer Alliance is to fund and support partnerships between cancer immunotherapy researchers and veterinary researchers to seek out the most promising immunotherapy treatments for canine patients.

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