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Clinical Study Status

EGFR/HER2 Canine Cancer Vaccine 

This therapeutic vaccine, a type of immunotherapy, is now available to patients in a new clinical trial, thanks to your generous support 

Potential benefits of cancer immunotherapy for pups

  • May stop or slow recurrence and spreading of cancer

  • May help if surgery is not possible, or surgical margins were not clean

  • May help without chemotherapy, or if chemotherapy didn't work

  • May reverse cancer metastasis

  • May be safer with fewer side-effects

Maggie 2023.jpg

Maggie was diagnosed with osteosarcoma in Jan 2020 and got conventional treatment plus the vaccine.  Her cancer did not spread and she is still cancer-free.


Ranger's cancer kept on spreading, even after leg-amputation and chemotherapy.  His cancer shrank and disappeared after the Yale vaccine treatment.


Codi's metastatic osteosarcoma began to disappear a month after he received the Yale vaccine injection. He enjoyed 3 extra years as a healthy, happy pup.

Limitations and challenges

  • Does not help 100% of dogs 

  • More research needed to find out why some dogs become long-term survivors while others do not

  • New combination therapies hold promise for increasing the % of dogs responding to immunotherapy

Photo Jul 22, 10 32 18 AM Hattie.png

Study Locations

Open Now

Bridge Animal Referral Center (BARC) in Edmonds WA is now enrolling patients in the study.  Please contact the clinic to inquire about the enrollment criteria and to make an appointment.

Enrolling Soon

Washington State University Veterinary Teaching Hospital in Pullman WA is expected to begin enrolling patients with osteosarcoma second week of January 2023.  The treatment option includes VAX + Radiation therapy.

Expected in 2023

EGFR/HER2 canine cancer vaccine is expected to be available at many more locations in the US in 2023. 

If you'd like to receive updates about new locations or new studies, please sign up.

Contact us at if you have any questions.

Photo Jul 22, 10 27 12 AM resized.png

Photo Credit: Julie Austin Pet Photography, Rick Kneisel, Mike Rossa, Lee-Ann Montano

"Thank you for this incredible work, for the second chance for each dog to live a full life, joyful at the side of their humans. " - Sharon L.

Join hundreds of pet parents supporting this study.

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