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For Researchers


The Canine Cancer Alliance seeks to advance research in cancer prevention, early detection, and new therapies.  We are particularly interested in creating safe and effective combination immunotherapy treatments with the potential of becoming widely accessible to veterinary patients.  Additional information can be found on our Research FAQ page.

Application Process

Step 1: Email

Please email us at with a short description of the proposed project and, optionally, any publications providing background and context. We will respond within 5 business days.


Step 2: A call 

A Zoom call will be scheduled. Based on the discussion on the call, CCA will invite you to submit a proposal.


Step 3: Proposal submission and review

We strive to complete the new project approval process (from the initial email to proposal review completion and funding decision) within 60 days. 


If you have any questions, please email

Important Considerations

Animal Involvement in Research: While we do support clinical studies involving canine cancer patients, we do not support research involving laboratory (colony) dogs. Appropriate IACUC or equivalent approval and consent form review are also expected before the study's launch.


Indirect Cost Policy: At Canine Cancer Alliance, we are dedicated to maximizing the impact of our funding by ensuring that every dollar is directly channeled into the project.  Our policy of excluding indirect costs from our grants and gifts means that 0% of our contributions are used for overhead or administrative fees. This approach allows us to allocate 100% of our funding to specific needs of research initiatives, significantly enhancing their effectiveness.  We're committed to this approach because we believe it strengthens the impact of our funding on the causes we support.

Please visit the FAQ page for additional information.

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