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What research areas do you support? We're interested in canine cancer prevention, early detection, and treatments. We are particularly interested in advancing safe, effective, and affordable combination immunotherapy treatments for canine patients.

What cancer types are priorities?  Sarcomas (In particular, hemangiosarcoma and osteosarcoma). Metastatic cancers.

When are the due dates for proposals?  We currently accept proposals throughout the year. Please contact us ( with a short description of the proposed project. See this page.

Are there partnership opportunities?  Yes.  Please email

Does Canine Cancer Alliance (CCA) work with businesses? Yes.

Do you support projects outside the United States? Yes. They are considered case by case. 

How do you select projects? Researchers are invited to submit a proposal after initial discussions and screenings (see here). Our scientific review team reviews project proposals against a number of criteria to select the most promising efforts.

How long do projects last? It depends. They range from 6 months to 5 years.


What level of funding should we propose? Our projects have ranged from $10k to $100k per year in the past.

Is Canine Cancer Alliance only interested in immunotherapy as a therapeutic approach?  We are open to all ideas for new treatments, not just immunotherapy, that are potentially safe, effective, and widely accessible.

We have an idea for a study but have never worked with a veterinary oncologist. Can you help us get started?  Please email us

What are examples of research that Canine Cancer Alliance will NOT fund?  Projects with little promise of becoming an approved veterinary treatment and whose main goal is advancing human medicine. 

What else should researchers know before applying?  Please review our indirect cost policy (see here)

If you have any questions, please email

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