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"Amazingly Fun Celebration of Our Best Furriends!"

Virtual 5K
Through May 31, 2022



$35 registration fee (100% goes to the cause)

All registrants will receive a T-shirt and a bandana in mail

It's Mother's Day!!

We're celebrating dog moms too.   

Hang out with the nicest dogs and dog people, and enjoy flowers, music, entertainment, food trucks, massages (for pups only), and silent auction all for a great cause.

Photo Sep 19, 10 13 15 AM.jpg

Choose what you love.  Walk, Run, Hike.



Where in Marymoor Park is the gathering?

Our live event will be on May 8 at Marymoor Park near the Velodrome and the Climbing Wall, approximately 0.7 miles from the western entrance.  You will see a sign for free parking on the left.  We'll email all registrants the directions.

Are there any rules about dogs?

We welcome all friendly pups.   All pups must remain on leash at all times. Noone in heat. If you're uncertain how your pup will be around other dogs, please leave him at home.  We'd like all participating pups to be comfortable around other pups and people.

Can children participate?

Absolutely!  Children and youth under 19 can join for free.  No registration needed.  

How does it work for virtual participants?

Choose an activity you like such as a walk, 5k run, or a hike.  We will be sending T-shirts and bandanas in the mail.  We'd love it if you could share any photos by emailing us or using #waglovelife  You'll be an important member of the community, passionate about helping more dogs.   

What's the best way to help with fundraising?

A page describing our cause is automatically created for you when you register.  You can customize it, set your fundraising goal, and share your story with your friends. You can also use Facebook or Instagram to do fundraising too.  If you have any questions, please email

Will you have a Memorial Wall?

Yes, we will have a  wall and we will also have an online page honoring beloved pets.  If you have a pet you'd like to honor, please send a photo and a message to  If you'd like to see your photo displayed at the live event, please try to send the photo before May 1.  Otherwise, your beloved animal will be honored on our Always Loved page here.


Where does the money from registration and donations go?

The funds support research studies seeking cures for dog cancer.  Cancer strikes 6 million dogs annually just in the US - about 3 times more than people!  Learn about research studies supported by your donation here.

If you have any questions, please contact us at  We'd love to hear from you!

We are grateful to Two Hounds and a Cat Pet Photography and Sunny Martinez and other talented volunteers for the photos.


Canine Cancer Alliance, a 501c3 foundation, hosts Wag Love 5K to increase awareness and support research for finding dog cancer cures. The event is inspired by an ancient festival in Nepal, a special day where all dogs are honored and thanked for their loyalty and friendship. 

Turning heartbreak into needed change.

Cancer is the number one cause of death for furry family members.  Registration fees and donations support studies led by veterinarians and scientists, seeking effective treatments for our beloved pets.

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