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Together, we can find canine cancer cures.

Join the amazing community supporting research for cures for our beloved pets.

Help end dog cancer!

Cancer is the leading cause of death for dogs. But today's treatments are not effective and can only buy a little extra time.


The funds raised support research and clinical trials to find safer and more effective treatments.  Learn about the research here.

New therapies are starting to help dogs with aggressive cancers such as osteosarcoma, hemangiosarcoma and TCC.  

Join Wag Love Life today 

" I joined Wag Love Life in honor of Gussie"  - Tammy M.



What's Wag Love?

Wag Love brings together a community of pet parents passionate about taking positive steps to find cancer cures for our beloved dogs. Donations support life-saving research for safer and more effective cancer treatments for dogs.   

How does it work?

Register and create a personalized page. Set a fundraising goal. Choose an activity you like, such as a walk, 5k run, or hike. We will send T-shirts and bandanas in the mail. We'd love it if you could share any photos by emailing us or using #waglove5k. You'll be an important member of the community, passionate about helping more dogs.  We will also invite you to live Zoom/YouTube gatherings. 

What's the best way to help with fundraising?

A page describing our cause is automatically created for you when you register.  You can customize it, set your fundraising goal, and share your story with your friends. You can also use Facebook or Instagram to do fundraising and email us the amount you raised so we can add it to your fundraising page.  If you have any questions, please email

Do you have a Memorial Wall?

Yes.  If you have a pet you'd like to honor on the Forever Loved Wall, please use this form to upload your photos and message.


Where does the money from registration and donations go?

The funds support research studies seeking cures for dog cancer.  Cancer strikes 6 million dogs annually in the US - about 3 times more than people!  Thanks to your support, a new promising therapy is now available in the Pacific Northwest as well as other parts of the US.  Here's a recent news coverage about one very promising trial that we're supporting and more details can be found here. Other studies are trying to improve the efficacy of immunotherapy.  Some of the treatments have reversed metastasis for some pups, and other pups were able to avoid leg amputation.  

If you have any questions, please contact us at  We'd love to hear from you!


Canine Cancer Alliance, a 501c3 foundation, hosts Wag Love 5K to increase awareness and raise funds to support research for finding dog cancer cures. Wag Love Life is inspired by an ancient festival in Nepal, a special day where all dogs are honored and thanked for their loyalty and friendship. 

Turning heartbreak into action.

Cancer is the number one cause of death for furry family members.  Registration fees and donations support studies led by veterinarians and scientists, seeking safe and effective treatments for our beloved pets.

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