Our mission is to accelerate cancer research and get the most promising new treatments for canine patients. 

Today's standard-of-care therapies are woefully inadequate.   A full cure is not possible unless the cancer is diagnosed at a very early stage.  Chemotherapy and surgery can buy time, but cancer develops resistance and spreads.  

Each dog, young and old, deserves a chance to enjoy a full, long quality life.

The projects that we are supporting aim for cures and even reversal of metastasis.  We are not satisfied with research just to produce knowledge.  Our research projects focus on bringing new treatments into clinical trials for canine patients.

We are already beginning to see a glimmer of hope with several new immunotherapy treatments.   

They can induce long-term remission in some dogs. 


But today, it has worked only for SOME dogs. 

The projects we fund are tackling this challenge by advancing new innovative immunotherapy approaches.

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