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Always Loved

If you would like to honor your beloved pet, please send a photo to 


In Loving Memory of Sweep

10/15/09–5/27/22. The silliest, sassiest, smartest girl and best first dog we could ever have asked for. You fought osteosarcoma with everything you had, and we were so lucky for every day with you. Thank you for sending us your niece and nephew. We miss you and will love you always.

In Loving Memory of Richard

3/2/09–8/2/23. We adopted you at 10, but you never knew you were a senior cat and certainly never acted it. We joked (and hoped) that you would live to be 30, but an inoperable fibrosarcoma took you suddenly at 14. We love you and miss your huge personality and our daily cuddles. 

In Loving Memory of Teddy

14 years wasn't enough for the amount of adventures we still had ahead of us. Through victories, and heartbreaks, it's always been you to make things better. I love you Teddy, always have, always will. Save a spot for me monkey.

Teddy passed from Lung cancer. Despite his age he has always been so lively. Always running, always bossy and sassy. Canine cancer is unfair, and I hope we can all work towards a better future for all of our furbabies.

Teddy - Lissette Ramirez_edited_edited.jpg
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In Loving Memory of Lucy

Lucy was super athletic and we did lots of different activities together.  She had endless energy and even after some good exercise she would still get the zoomies! When Lucy was young, she was the prettiest chocolate brown color all over except for a small patch of white on her chest.  It wasn't until the last few years that she started to go grey.  She was so distinguished with her grey face and chin. I included a picture of her on the back of the couch, her absolute favorite place to be.  I learned so much from her, she taught me how to be a better dog mom.


In Loving Memory of Barley

He lived to swim, play fetch, and be the "Welcoming Committee" anywhere we would go. We would joke that he was always smiling.

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In Loving Memory of Sofia

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In Loving Memory of George


In Loving Memory of Henry


In Loving Memory of Louis


In Loving Memory of Lily

Esteemed dandelion huntress, brave ankle-biter, and expert belly-rubs solicitor. Your unending courage and enthusiasm were an inspiration to us all. We are so lucky and grateful to have you in our family, miss Lily Billy Button, we love you with all our hearts.

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In Loving Memory of Anjuna

This is Anjuna <3
Missing our girl Anjuna every day.


In Loving Memory of Venus


In Loving Memory of Bosch


In Loving Memory of Dex


In Loving Memory of Little Boy and Diesel

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In Loving Memory of Harriet


In memory of Harriet, sweet Harriet. 

You were our first child, with us for 22 1/2 years and we will love and miss you forever. 

-Your family, and thanks to Team Harriet

In Loving Memory of Tikaani

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In Loving Memory of Leo

Leo was the sweetest, smartest, goodest boy ever!

He was half Australian Shepherd and half Golden Doodle and looked like a black golden retriever.  He had the retriever wiggle butt and just wanted to please, so very obedient. When the weather started to get too warm for his walks, he swam. This was an everyday thing from May to Oct. He would even float on tubes to be close to his humans and paddle boarded. 

He was a hiker, camper, and fishing buddy.  

Missed but never forgotten. 

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In Loving Memory of Rocky

To our sweet boy Rocky,
Thank you for 11.5 years of the greatest love and friendship we ever could have asked for. We will miss you every day of our lives until we get to see you again.

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In Loving Memory of Kona

Had to help my girl Kona cross the rainbow bridge March 20th 2021.. she was 13 1/2 yrs old blacklab mix, a tough smart girl, a warrior like no other with priceless personality and big smiles and lots of kisses❤

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In Loving Memory of Yuuki

Yuuki, a Japanese Akita, contracted osteosarcoma in a front leg, which was amputated after diagnosis, then lived another year and lost her life to the cancer 2.18.21.

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In Loving Memory of Max


In Loving Memory of Edison

In Loving Memory of Porsche


In Loving Memory of Max


In Loving Memory of Kingsley


Kingsley was so much more than a dog to my husband and me. He was our first child, who we lovingly referred to as a “humipoo” rather than a “maltipoo” because of his big, human-like personality. His sweet eyes spoke even louder than his noisiest bark.

When he was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer, AGASACA, when he was only eight, we were devastated. Having fully expected Kingsley to live well into his teenage years, we did everything we could to try to save his life. Unfortunately, just one year later, it was time to say goodbye. 

The experience was so unexpected – you would never have known anything was wrong with Kingsley given his constant spunk and sass, and he continued demonstrating his strong will and love for life down to the very end. Kingsley taught us the power of unconditional love, and we learned so much during our last year together.

Walking this path with our best friend inspired me to write a book about our journey, Caring for Kingsley, Believing in a Better Way When Canine Cancer Comes Crashing Into Your World, scheduled for release in June 2022. My hope is that it helps others feel less alone when navigating difficult decisions for the one they love unconditionally. 

Kingsley, we love you and we miss you. You will forever remain a part of our family.

In Loving Memory of Barlee Baxter


Barlee Baxter came to me in 2003. He was the most adorable little hound dog ever. We did everything together, we hiked, surfed, ran, and went on errands, me and my best friend. Every day was Barlee and me day. In 2012 we found a mass in his belly and things got very sad and complicated. But this old man kept charging till his very last day when he told me it was time. The tumor had taken its toll and we had to say goodbye. On November 11, 2014, we laid him to rest. Today, his brother Sonny and me run for him, and all dogs who have fought and are fighting.