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Hope for Dogs with Soft Tissue Sarcoma:

Updated: Jul 3, 2023

U of Missouri clinical trial

Soft tissue sarcoma is a common solid tumor for dogs, and often comes back and spreads even after surgery.

The University of Missouri Veterinary Hospital is enrolling canine patients with high-grade soft tissue sarcoma to evaluate a new immunotherapy treatment that boosts the dog's natural immune system more effectively fight cancer.

Watch this short introduction to the study (2 minutes) with

Prof Jeff Bryan (MU) - a veterinary oncologist and Prof Seth Pollack MD (Northwestern University) - a sarcoma immunotherapy expert

MU is enrolling dogs diagnosed with high-grade soft tissue sarcoma. The hope is that the dog may enjoy long-term remission by establishing immune memory. This study may also help guide and improve cancer sarcoma treatments for people.

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Visit the University of Missouri clinical trials page:

Learn more about the background of this study:

Watch a summary of the study ( 18 minutes)

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