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Cancer is the leading cause of death for our best friends.

Our mission is to end dog cancer, as we know it,

by funding research for preventions and cures.

Cancer immunotherapy holds great promise for helping dogs with cancer.
Learn more about why immunotherapy is promising, what risks are involved, and new directions to improve treatment response. 

Learn about the latest research and promising therapies 

Help us end dog cancer as we know it today

Turning our Heartbreak into Action

Find out about a new life-saving
cancer therapy

Our Impact

Your donations fuel research and clinical studies that are creating hope

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Cancer Immunotherapy

A new vaccine is helping dogs  fight osteosarcoma, hemangiosarcoma, and other EGFR+ solid tumors.  A trial is open in ...


Metastasis Disappears

After chemo stopped working, this dog became cancer-free with a new treatment.  Lung metastasis disappeared.

Susie’s Story:

Fighting Bladder Cancer with Immunotherapy




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Dog Cancer Project

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"My world was shattered when I learned Gus had cancer"   

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