Cancer is the leading natural cause of death in adult dogs

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The Canine Cancer Alliance is fighting to END dog cancer

MISSION:  To end dog cancer. Seek prevention and cures for our beloved dogs.

Your support is essential for life-saving research

to help our best friends.

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Affordable Therapies 

Prof. Allavena's and her team at University of Queensland are passionate about creating effective therapies that all pet-parents can afford.

Learn more about her research here.

Extending Survival Times

A team led by Prof. Mamula at Yale Medical School is evaluating a new therapeutic vaccine that targets tumors that over-express EGFR/HER2 antigens.  These aggressive cancers including osteosarcoma, hemangiosarcoma, mammary tumors and bladder cancer.

Fighting Metastatic Cancer 

Ranger received an immunotherapy treatment after osteosarcoma had spread to his lungs.  But with the help of the new experimental treatment, his metastasis disappeared.  How can more dogs be saved like Ranger? 

Read more here.

Immune-Boosting Bacterial Therapy

Over 100 years ago, late-stage cancer patients  were cured by a doctor who invented a bacterial therapy called Coley's Toxins.  New studies are investigating how a modern bacterial extract may also help dogs (and people) fight cancer more effectively. Read more about the pilot study here.

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Dogs give us so much while asking for so little.

We are building a world free of cancer.

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