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How to find a board-certified veterinary oncologist

Updated: Jun 6

Veterinary doctors who specialize in helping dogs and cats with cancer

  • Veterinary oncologists have extensive training and experience in diagnosis and treatment of dogs and cats with cancer.

  • Veterinary oncologists can coordinate and oversee treatments that might include surgery, radiation therapy, chemotherapy, and immunotherapy.

  • In North America, there are roughly 350 board-certified veterinarians specializing in oncology.

  • Veterinary Schools often offer new treatments through their clinical trials. But increasingly, private clinic vets are also participating in clinical trials and offering new therapies that may be more promising than conventional treatments

  • Primary care vets and holistic vets may also have experience helping dogs with cancer, though they are less likely to be participating in new clinical studies.

  • To find a veterinary oncologist for your dog or a cat, visit this website with a searchable listing of all board-certified specialists including oncology.


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