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Always Loved

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In Loving Memory of Sweep

10/15/09–5/27/22. The silliest, sassiest, smartest girl and best first dog we could ever have asked for. You fought osteosarcoma with everything you had, and we were so lucky for every day with you. Thank you for sending us your niece and nephew. We miss you and will love you always.

In Loving Memory of Richard

3/2/09–8/2/23. We adopted you at 10, but you never knew you were a senior cat and certainly never acted it. We joked (and hoped) that you would live to be 30, but an inoperable fibrosarcoma took you suddenly at 14. We love you and miss your huge personality and our daily cuddles. 

In Loving Memory of Teddy

14 years wasn't enough for the amount of adventures we still had ahead of us. Through victories, and heartbreaks, it's always been you to make things better. I love you Teddy, always have, always will. Save a spot for me monkey.

Teddy passed from Lung cancer. Despite his age he has always been so lively. Always running, always bossy and sassy. Canine cancer is unfair, and I hope we can all work towards a better future for all of our furbabies.

Teddy - Lissette Ramirez_edited_edited.jpg
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In Loving Memory of Lucy

Lucy was super athletic and we did lots of different activities together.  She had endless energy and even after some good exercise she would still get the zoomies! When Lucy was young, she was the prettiest chocolate brown color all over except for a small patch of white on her chest.  It wasn't until the last few years that she started to go grey.  She was so distinguished with her grey face and chin. I included a picture of her on the back of the couch, her absolute favorite place to be.  I learned so much from her, she taught me how to be a better dog mom.


In Loving Memory of Barley

He lived to swim, play fetch, and be the "Welcoming Committee" anywhere we would go. We would joke that he was always smiling.

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In Loving Memory of Sofia

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In Loving Memory of George


In Loving Memory of Henry


In Loving Memory of Louis


In Loving Memory of Lily

Esteemed dandelion huntress, brave ankle-biter, and expert belly-rubs solicitor. Your unending courage and enthusiasm were an inspiration to us all. We are so lucky and grateful to have you in our family, miss Lily Billy Button, we love you with all our hearts.

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In Loving Memory of Anjuna

This is Anjuna <3
Missing our girl Anjuna every day.


In Loving Memory of Venus


In Loving Memory of Bosch


In Loving Memory of Dex

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In Loving Memory of Buddy


Dearest and sweetest Buddy

- we miss you so much  -

your lovely smile, your snuggles, love to play balls, eat chole, chase bunnies...

Rest in peace our sweet boy.

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In Loving Memory of Jack Daniels


This is Jack Daniels ❤
Jack Daniels on top of the world, Turnagain Arm Alaska. 

My world traveler and best friend. 

In Loving Memory of Jasmyn

This is my girl, Jasmyn. Jasmyn was my soul dog. She was my wedding present from my husband in September 2004 and was by my side for thirteen glorious years. I often introduced her as my four legged daughter to people. She came to work with me as well when I worked in different veterinary hospitals. She faithfully followed me on my life journey from girl to woman, and was my best friend and closest confidant. Her fur soaked up so many of my tears, her ears held millions of my words, and her face held an infinite number of kisses. She was with me when I had two miscarriages, and when I was bed ridden during my high risk pregnancy with my Rainbow Baby. Jasmyn walked the house with me during my labor with my daughter, and was so blissfully in love with her little sister. She was fiercely protective of “her “ girl, Carolina. They wore matching dresses and Jasmyn slept in front of her crib and stayed up well until the sunrise with me most nights when Carolina was a newborn. Jasmyn was my Angel on Earth. May 2017,  I first noticed she had trouble taking longer walks, and she seemed swollen behind her armpits. I thought it was just her arthritis, so I gave her some joint support medication.  Then she developed a cough, but it was almost nearly always after she groomed herself, so I assumed it was hair in her throat. I was in denial to even think about her being sick. My family kept telling me she looked like it was getting to be “that time” and I kept telling them she was fine.  It made me angry that they would even suggest it. She was my baby and I was blind. I was so ignorant and I wish I could do it over. We celebrated her 13th birthday and she didn’t want her cake. In fact she stopped eating almost altogether, only drank tremendous amounts of water, and that was when I finally realized I needed to bring her in. It  nearly killed me when I was told that she had aggressive lymphoma and that it had metastasized to her lungs and other organs. Her body was basically riddled with lymphoma. I felt like a Monster. Jasmyn counted on me and I wouldn’t take off my rose colored glasses until it was too late. Ten days after her birthday I made the decision to release her from her pain, and a part of me died with her when she took her final breath. Three weeks after Jasmyn crossed the Rainbow Bridge I also miscarried my first son. It was a terrible time. When I was pregnant with my second Rainbow Baby, I was in shock at the ultrasound to check their heartbeat, because Jasmyn’s head was in the ultrasound! She was letting me know she was going to protect my son. He was in fact, the only textbook normal pregnancy I’ve ever had. I know it was because she was his Guardian Angel. I miss Jasmyn every day, and even after five years it never feels easier. I loved her enormously. I cannot wait until we meet again one day, but for now I carry her

in my heart.

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In Loving Memory of Jack

 Jack, our Mini American Eskimo, was my heart and soul dog.  He lived to the age of 14.  We rescued him, at the age of one.  He had so many nicknames…everything from Jaquito, Taquito, Paquito, Little One, Coo Coo, etc.  In fact, we drove two and half hours to get him.  He emptied his stomach contents, on me, on the way home.  I knew then, he was my heart dog.  I carried him everywhere.  He did have patella luxation also, so he enjoyed being babied.  His passing from stomach cancer really hit me hard.  I literally felt physical pain in my heart.  I can honestly say I know what heartbreak feels like now.  I love you Jack and I know your brother, Gypsy Road (whom we lost recently, due to heart disease) is with you. 

We love you so much, Little One.

In Loving Memory of Sophie

Sophie in sea of buttercups.jpeg

The only feeling we have for Sophie is GRATITUDE for making our lives richer.

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In Loving Memory of Ivy

Ivy Calendar.JPG

She lived an amazing 16 years and she’s embedded in our hearts

– grateful for every moment –

miss her every day, too. 

But, we focus on the treasure she was to us.

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In Loving Memory of Nora

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In Memory of Daisy

Dogs ask for so little and give so much, which is why I don’t understand how any could ever be abused or abandoned. They become teachers to humans and while they are with us, provide us with lessons of how to be better, how to love more and be less selfish, and with the short time they are with us, how much they can add to our joy and happiness. Daisy became my rescued fur-kid in 2009 when she was estimated to be 5 years old or so. I let her go on May 21, 2021 to proceed on the next journey, where I hope to meet her again when it’s my time to transition. She was a strong girl. My heart wanted to take her home from the vet to see if she would improve after the obvious signs of cancer (probably hemangiosarcoma that had metastasized), if only a miraculous cure would be found in the coming days. My head said otherwise, because I had seen this movie before with other dogs I have lost to cancer. My heart has a hole in it that connects to the holes left by my other angel dogs who have been taken away too soon by cancer. 12 years was not long enough my girl. I love you, miss you, and will never forget what you taught me so that I can be a better person.

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In Loving Memory of Henry

Henry Gosselaar.png

Henry passed away this February from a very rare and aggressive form of lung cancer. He was the happiest and healthiest puppy but all of a sudden he fell ill. The next month he would've been 13 years old. Henry was full of love and life. He loved going to the dog park, planting trees in the backyard with my dad, and he loved watching movies with the whole family every weekend. He was always kind and loved his family unconditionally and what I want people to remember Henry for. Thank you for bringing so much happiness and love into our family's life. I think we needed Henry more than he needed us. We miss you so much! 

With love, 

The Gosselaar Family

Yuki Alma.png
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In Memory of Yuki

My home is filled with kisses, wagging tail ,

wet noses and LOVE.
From Yuki with Love

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In Memory of Jaxon

This is my Jaxon....he passed from prostate cancer when he was just 7. I miss him everyday. He was my teaching assistant, support system and best friend. He was also an Aquarius who loved watching out the window, sleeping in the cubbies and his little brother Beanie.

We miss you Jaxie!

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In Memory of Rambi


Rest In Peace, beautiful Rambi. We love you forever.


In Memory of Bella

Bella passed from a very aggressive brain cancer in July. She was a rescue but in reality we rescued each other.  She was so kind and loving and had a special gift of sensing when you were upset and needed some snuggles to cheer up, even with strangers.  She loved road trips and accompanied me all over the country in the last year as I completed travel nurse assignments in COVID ICU’s from coast to coast, adding a little bit of light to a very dark time.  She was only 5 when she passed and I only had the privilege of her company for 4 years, far too short but full of amazing memories I will cherish forever.

Flower Arrangement 4

In Memory of Hopper

When my uncle passed away suddenly in May 2020, my family made the 1100 mile trip to bring Hopper to his new home with us.  But only six months later, we learned he had soft tissue sarcoma.  Radiation treatment bought a wonderful 9 months and we got to spend Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year's, his birthday and Easter with Hopper. (This is him with his Easter basket) He's now met my uncle on the Rainbow Bridge and is snoring on the couch next to him in Heaven.

Flower Arrangement 4

In Loving Memory of Millie

My sweet Millie.

The best couch snuggling, road tripping, ice cream loving friend you could ask for. 

Gone too soon

Flower Arrangement 4

In Memory of Diesel

The most glorious 100 lb chocolate lab the world has ever seen.

Monochromatic Green Grass Layers Landscaping Flyer.jpg

In Loving Memory of Tank

This is my sweet boy Tank, lost him to Lung Cancer this past April. He was with me for 15 years... :) 

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In Loving Memory of Walden


Walden will always be our joy boy. You are so missed, sweet angel boy. We love you always.

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In Loving Memory of Cleo


Cleo was the best dog. We lost her to skin cancer that spread through her whole body at only seven years old. I still miss her everyday.

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Forever our Kona-boy

Kona was diagnosed with bone cancer April 2021. We sadly lost him August 26th, 2021. 

He changed our lives in the most beautiful way. He showed us what unconditional love and loyalty looks like. 

He loved going on boat rides and camping. Our home and lives were not the same without him. Our family could not have asked for a better dog to come into out lives. He dearly missed and not a day goes by that we don't think about him and the joy he brought to our lives. 

In Loving Memory of Scarlet


In Loving Memory of Kaeto


Kaeto came to us in June 2019 as a foster from the Washington Alaskan Adoption League (WAMAL) shortly after he was diagnosed with Osteosarcoma. It was originally found in his rear left leg which, after lengthy discussions with his vet, was amputated to help stop (or at least slow down) the spread of the cancer. He had the operation on July 10th and began IV chemo soon after. His spirit and love never wavered and I’m sure his sweet soul knew that we were doing the best we could for him. He bonded with our other two Malamutes instantly and became a very welcome and much loved part of the pack, to such an extent that we became foster fails and fully adopted him. For the first few months his energy was amazing as he quickly adapted to life as a tripod, easily keeping up with our 7-year-old on walks (Kaeto was 5) and even snapped the retractable leash he was on when he tore after a squirrel! Summer slipped into fall, and he proudly wore his Halloween hat walking through the neighborhood and enjoyed a hearty steak (he was allergic to poultry) thanksgiving dinner alongside Wizzard and Pyra, his fellow WAMAL alumni. We knew the odds were not in his favor so we gave him the best Christmas ever with his own stocking full of treats and toys and again…a big steak dinner. In January he got to play in the snow on the park & really gave Wizzard a run for his money, running and playing just like a normal, healthy dog…his spirit was amazing. He also celebrated his 6th birthday, and we took him to Norm’s in Fremont where he enjoyed everything on their doggie menu! But sadly, this was not to last as soon after, spots were found in his lungs during his routine monthly check up, the cancer had metastasized. We tried different meds, some very new, in an effort to give him the best quality of life for as long as possible. He began to limp, very faintly at first and worrying that in his exuberance he’d pulled a muscle or picked up some similar injury we took him in to be checked and it was here that we were told the devastating news that he had developed masses in one of his front legs. We were crushed. With very heavy hearts we switched his treatment to palliative care and gave him all the love and attention we could during his last few weeks. After a while we noticed he had difficulty in standing, then walking became more of a problem and in a very short period getting up became painful for him…we knew it was time. We arranged for one of the wonderful vets at Compassion4paws to come to the house and 8 months to the day after his surgery, enjoying a last few slices of beef, surrounded by love and with oh so tender hugs, we said goodbye.  

There isn’t a day go by when I don’t miss his goofy, loving, kind soul. He was unique and deserved a longer and healthier life, but it was not to be. It with great pride that I’m taking part in this wonderful event in his memory, I miss him every day and am so very grateful to play a small part in help fund research to find a cure for this horrible disease so that future pups may be saved. 

Kaeto 1/24/2014 – 3/10/2020

In Loving Memory of


"My little soulmate"  Beamer was a bright light and brought so much joy to us for the 15 years we had with him.

From the day we brought him home to the day we had to say goodbye, he was pure happiness.