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Annual Wag Love 2021

WALK/RUN 5K & celebration of our amazing dogs!

All dog-lovers are invited for walk/run and festivities.  

Until Oct 31, 2021 
Registration includes a T-shirt and a bandana: 

$35 for 18 and over.

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Wag Love is inspired by an old festival in Nepal where all dogs are honored and thanked for their friendship and loyalty.  It's a gathering - both live and virtual - that celebrates beloved dogs in our lives.  We walk, run, hike for our best friends.  Registration fee and every dollar raised support research seeking canine cancer cures.  


Questions & Answers

How do I register?

Go here to register. Registration is $35 for an adult (18+).

We'll have a T-shirt for you, and a bandana for your dog.

How does it work for virtual participants?

Choose your activity (walk, 5k run, hike, whatever you and/or your dog love).  We will send you a T-shirt and bandana in the mail.   Send us photos and any message you'd like to share.  You will also be invited to live zoom events and various online activities.

How can I help with fundraising?

A page describing our cause is automatically created for you when you register.  You can customize it and share your story with your friends. Using the page is optional, but I know you'd want to do everything possible to help our furry family members!

Will you have a Memorial Wall again?

Yes.  If you have a dog you'd like to honor, please send a photo and a message to

What do I get with my registration fee?

We will mail you a T shirt and a bandana. We will also invite you to zoom gatherings and webinars.


How can I help?

After you register, customize your page and share your story with friends to raise funds for research.  Also, if your employer supports donation matching, please request matching for the registration fee and any additional donation you might make. Thank you!

Where does the money from registration and donations go?

The funds support research seeking canine cancer cures.  Cancer strikes 6 million dogs annually just in the US - about 3 times more than people!  Learn about studies that are helping dogs fight cancer and live longer.

What is Canine Cancer Alliance?

Canine Cancer Alliance is a nonprofit charitable foundation with a mission to end dog cancer.   


Other questions?

We love to hear from you!  Contact us at

Law Office of Laurie Shiratori, PLLC


WAG LOVE  is an event organized by

Canine Cancer Alliance, a 501(c)(3) foundation.

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