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Wag Love Life 2020

It's time to celebrate our awesome dogs!

Sign up now and join us by 

walking, running, and hiking with your pups.   

Your dog will enjoy relaxing dog massages and yummy canine superfood, while you'll enjoy better ways to communicate with loyal companions.  All through fun live virtual gatherings. 

As always, we end with a parade of pups wearing flowers.  It's a way of remembering  and saying thank you to our furry friends.   

All events take place between Sept 1 and Sept 30, 2020

What: Walk, run, hike, or choose what you love.

Who: Awesome dogs and their people.

Where: Virtual, so ANYWHERE

When: Sept 1- Sept 30, 2020 

Why: Fund research to find dog cancer cures. 

Registration: $35 for adults (18+). Stylish T-shirt and bandana.


Wag Love Life is inspired by a centuries-old Nepalese festival in which village dogs are honored and thanked for their friendship and loyalty.

This year, you're invited to honor this tradition by taking your best friend on a walk, a run, or a hike and joining others online at a virtual get-together. 

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How it works


Step 1   Choose an activity  



Get outdoors with your pup and let her sniff around to her heart's delight.


Release the animal spirits with a 5k run!



Mountains are calling and you and your pup must go!  


What you love

You choose an activity that makes you and your pup happiest!

Step 2  Register  

Sign up by yourself or find a team you want to join.


Or better yet, start your own team. 


Let your friends know what you're up to and ask them to join you in supporting the cause!

Step 3  Enjoy

Finish your activity before Sept 30.

Keep on reaching out to dog-loving people in your network for donations or to register.


Photo Contest (due Sept 18)

Take a photo of your dog wearing flowers (fresh flowers, flowery bandana, fabric flower, etc).

Send your photo to and/or post in FB and IG using #waglovelife before Sept 18.

Step 4  Join the PAW-RTY!

Join our PAW-RTY on Sept 19.  It'll be virtual but it'll still be tons of fun! You'll be able to meet some researchers and veterinarians who are working hard for cures.  We'll also be announcing the winners of contests and the top fundraisers too.  We'll keep the registration and websites open until Sept 30 and have more prizes too!  

Join Live Get-Togethers

You'll be invited to join several live gatherings with your pups via zoom.

Calming Massage

Have you ever wondered why some dogs are calmer than other dogs?

It may partly be due to their temperament and genetic makeup, but there are proven techniques for helping dogs become calmer.  Vicki Draper , an author and animal healing expert, will share five simple calming techniques and important acupressure locations so you and your dog can enjoy greater harmony and tranquility in daily life.

Wednesday Sept 9, 6pm PT (9pm ET)

Super Food

Should we be feeding our dogs raw foods? How about veggies? How healthy are kibbles?

Kimberly Gauthier, an author and a blogger,  will give a live cooking demonstration and answer all your questions about pet health and diet.

Friday Sept 11, 5pm PT (8pm ET)

Yummiest Treats

Is there a simple way to make healthy, yummy treats for our pups?

Kari Kalway, the owner of Puddles Barkery (that makes the yummiest natural treats for pets) will show us how to make treats for our pups.

Sunday Sept 13, 12 PT (3pm ET)

Animal Communications and Blessing

Tuesday Sept 15

Time: 5pm PT.
(Spots are filled)

Stay tuned for more!

Questions & Answers

How do I register?

Click here. Registration is $35 for an adult (18+).  We'll have a T-shirt for you, and invitations to all the fun virtual get-togethers. 

Are the T-shirts going to be delivered to our house?

For participants living in Seattle, WA, we will be doing a contactless T-shirt pick up at Mudbay Overlake on Saturday, Sept 12th, from 2pm to 5pm and Sunday, Sept 13th, from 3pm to 5pm.

Here is the address to the location: 1645 140th Ave NE St A1 Bellevue, WA 98005

If you are unable to pick up, please email and include your address.

We will coordinate delivery. 

I've never done fundraising before. Do I have to create a campaign page?

A page describing our cause is automatically created when you register, so you can share it with your friends if you'd like. Using the page is optional, but anything you can do to get the word out will be much appreciated and definitely help our dogs.

Will you have a memorial wall again?

This year the memorial wall has been modified a bit. It will be called the "Wall of Heroes". The Wall of Heroes is similar to the memorial wall and will honor dogs that have passed away from cancer and will also honor ones that are currently fighting cancer. 

Please send photos and your messages to

I'm broke.  Can I still help?

Yes absolutely!

Volunteer with us, by shooting an email to

Where does the money go?

All the funds raised go to projects supporting canine cancer cures.  Most of the projects focus on advancing immunotherapy treatments for dogs.  Unlike existing therapies like chemotherapy, immunotherapy gives dogs a chance at a very long remission.   Find out more here.


What is Canine Cancer Alliance?

Canine Cancer Alliance (which is shortened from the official name Canine Cancer Research Alliance) is a nonprofit organization based outside Seattle.  It's a charitable foundation with a mission to develop therapeutics and cures for canine cancers.

Other questions?

Email us at


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WAG LOVE LIFE is an event organized by

Canine Cancer Research Alliance, a 501(c)(3) foundation.

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