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Surprisingly few vets know about this approved cancer therapy that uses killed bacteria

Learn about an effective bacteria-based therapy. Watch via youtube above or watch on your phone below.

Did you know that dogs who experience an infection after surgery for osteosarcoma tend to live longer than dogs who don’t get any bacterial infection?

In human medicine, doctors have used bacteria to fight cancer, often curing patients. For example, Dr. William Coley created Coley's toxins with a mixture of killed bacteria. Even today, BCG is a drug consisting of weakened bacteria used to treat bladder cancer patients.

It’s like fighting fire with fire.

Or fighting disease with a second disease that can wake up the immune system.

Is there such treatment for dogs? And is it safe?

The answer is YES.

There is an approved drug made of tiny fragments of killed bacteria – called MCWE or Mycobacteria Cell Wall Extract.

It boosts the immune system enough to attack tumor cells.

And it’s not toxic like most chemo.

Sadly, many vets don’t know about this drug, even though it was approved by the regulators in North America more than twenty years ago for treating mammary tumors.

And there is growing evidence that it can cure other cancers, not just mammary tumors.

Learn more about MCWE here.

Which cancer does it work best against?

How frequently does it have to be given – so the immune system keeps on fighting?

Are IV infusion and oral administration as effective as an intra-tumor injection?

Does it work best if it induces a fever (which was observed with Coley's toxins)?

We are launching new studies to help answer these questions so that more dogs can beat cancer.

New clinical trials are enrolling canine patients with osteosarcoma, bladder cancer, and also for palliative care.


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